Surgical Weight Loss

If you are looking for a safe, effective and adjustable surgical weight loss option, the LAP-BAND® is an excellent choice. Each year, certified LAP-BAND System surgeon Dr. Michael Orris performs hundreds of weight loss procedures, including the LAP-BAND, for Arizona men and women who have been unable to get the results they want on their own.

Your dream of lasting weight loss is possible with the LAP-BAND. In Tucson, West Phoenix, Scottsdale and Tempe, Weight Loss Institute of Arizona is ready to help you. request a consultation with Dr. Michael Orris, or call (480) 829-6100.

Overview of the LAP-BAND® System

Learn how the LAP-BAND System was developed and what you can expect when you choose this popular weight loss option by reviewing the following pages:

Find out how weight loss surgery has helped people regain their health and enhance their quality life. View success stories from actual LAP-BAND patients of Dr. Orris.