The LAP-BAND® Procedure

LAP-BAND® surgery is the most popular bariatric procedure Dr. Michael Orris performs because it is a minimally invasive procedure that consistently helps people reach their weight loss goals, improve their health and take full advantage of their lives. Each year he performs hundreds of LAP-BAND procedures to help Phoenix area men and women begin their journeys to successful and lasting weight loss. Every step of the way, patients will have the support of the experienced team of professionals at Weight Loss Institute of Arizona.

Improve your health and quality of life through LAP-BAND surgery in Arizona. request a consultation with Dr. Michael Orris or call (480) 829-6100.

Understanding the LAP-BAND System

Unlike other weight loss options that physically alter your digestive system, the LAP-BAND System is adjustable and reversible. “LAP” comes from the laparoscopic surgical technique and “BAND” refers to the small, flexible belt that is fitted around the upper stomach. The system also includes an access port that is fixed beneath the abdominal skin and connected internally to the LAP-BAND device with a soft, flexible tube.

When the Band is tightened, a small stomach pouch is formed. This pouch fills quickly and reduces the amount of food you can eat before feeling full. To accommodate your changing weight loss and weight maintenance needs after surgery, the opening of the Band can be made tighter or looser. To do so, Dr. Orris inserts a thin needle through the port and adds or removes saline solution from the Band in a simple office procedure.

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Advantages of the LAP-BAND

At Weight Loss Institute of Arizona, near Phoenix, LAP-BAND surgery is the most popular option for many reasons, which include:

  • Safe: Both during and after surgery, the risk of complications is low.
  • Quick recovery: After surgery, pain is minimal. Most people return to work within about a week.
  • Effective: Weight loss is gradual and sustained through periodic Band adjustments.
  • Affordable: The procedure is often covered by medical insurance.
  • Reversible: The digestive system is not surgically altered, and the device can be removed.

During your consultation, Dr. Orris will review your medical history and assess your current overall health. He will determine if the LAP-BAND is an option for you. You can also attend a seminarto learn about weight loss surgery options.

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LAP-BAND Surgery

For optimal patient safety, Dr. Orris performs LAP-BAND surgery at East Valley Surgery Center or a nearby hospital. The procedure, which usually takes less than an hour, is performed laparoscopically using long, thin instruments and a lighted camera that are inserted into the abdomen through small incisions. Dr. Orris secures the LAP-BAND around the upper stomach and attaches the access port to the fascia directly beneath the skin of the abdomen. He finishes by closing the incisions with absorbable sutures. Most patients go home the day of their LAP-BAND surgery, but some need a brief overnight stay.

Recovery from LAP-BAND surgery usually requires a 4-to-7-day break from work. It requires a diet that will begin with clear liquids and progress to solid food.

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